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88. Disco the parakeet

For sure the random talking of parakeet Disco will cheer one up after a day’s work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aR8hXLoMqc&list=PLtERW3m_KX6Z98ON5dI8cA3NzaTkI3LPc&index=2


83. Hypnotic data: 4 essential features

For the news junkies, here is some news for you.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Hypnotic data: 4 essential features

by Jon Rappoport

October 13, 2014


Television news needs to create a hypnotic effect. Otherwise it would fall apart and shatter into a million nonsensical pieces.

One: the presented data must be repeated, of course. This is the time-honored strategy. When the viewer sees and hears the same nugget many times, he accepts it because—“how can they say it so often if it isn’t true?”

Close on the heels of this: “everybody else must be accepting it, who am I to make an objection?”

And then, finally, there is the after-image effect. At the edge of consciousness, the viewer remembers the nugget and—“anything in my memory is automatically real.”

Two: a significant percentage of all news stories are framed as he-said, he-said. Two opposing viewpoints. No resolution. Done often enough, this produces cognitive dissonance, which in turn shuts off the rational mind and puts…

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