Everything were built by men

Houses, buildings, roads, electricity, dams, ships, computers, cars, airplanes, machines, music, arts, software, hardware, math, physics, philosophy, literature and the list can go on, anything and everything were invented and built by men or mainly men, even sewing machine was invented by a man.

Men went to war to protect their territory, and get maimed or killed.

They never whine or bitch, they work day in and day out, doing most boring, hardest, dirtiest or dangerous jobs,  like it’s their destiny.

They make money and give to women, like it is most natural thing to do.

They are not petty; they are good team players.

Their needs are little, if you leave them alone and they leave you alone.

Of course there are exceptions, but statistically these are true.

All these characteristics indicate noble beings.

If this is true, then how about the people who malign them? What are they?

If there are a benign patriarchal society,  and a feminist/social justice warrior ruled supreme matriarchal society,  which one is more tolerant, reasonable, free, and prosperous?  Which one do you want to live in?



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