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Everything were built by men

Houses, buildings, roads, electricity, dams, ships, computers, cars, airplanes, machines, music, arts, software, hardware, math, physics, philosophy, literature and the list can go on, anything and everything were invented and built by men or mainly men, even sewing machine was invented by a man.

Men went to war to protect their territory, and get maimed or killed.

They never whine or bitch, they work day in and day out, doing most boring, hardest, dirtiest or dangerous jobs,  like it’s their destiny.

They make money and give to women, like it is most natural thing to do.

They are not petty; they are good team players.

Their needs are little, if you leave them alone and they leave you alone.

Of course there are exceptions, but statistically these are true.

All these characteristics indicate noble beings.

If this is true, then how about the people who malign them? What are they?

If there are a benign patriarchal society,  and a feminist/social justice warrior ruled supreme matriarchal society,  which one is more tolerant, reasonable, free, and prosperous?  Which one do you want to live in?



Leave, Live, Long Live the United Kingdom of Great Britain!

Unbelievable! Once again, Britain saves the Europe. Remember Vichy France during WWII? Surrendered to Nazi Germany hoping to get spared but paid dear price.  It was Britain who held the line, oh wait, teamed with what winning team? United States of America. Today, Britain turned the tide against the evil forces one more time, brought hope of sovereignty back to each country of Europe.

Who was on the right side of the history? Trump.

Don’t you see, today again Britain and America are leading the free peoples fight against the invisible enemy – tyranny of globalism.

Defeat is not a choice, the only choice is win, win, win, then some more!

1500 women protest Trump posing nude

Too funny. Why women have to de-robe themselves for a statement, who is objectifying who? Do you see men strip when they oppose something?  Is that because our brains aren’t as good as men’s, we can’t make arguments when needed? Is that because we are lazy, ditsy and spoiled? And the society is too lenient and indulging to stop this crap?  Make an argument with your brain, mouth and pen instead.  By the way, who wants to see your iffing body? I don’t. There is nothing to the naked body, get over of your limited self-absorption please.  Or your subconsciously wish to exhibit your naked body before it went further south?     All the liberation and progress, this is what we got? Stupid women, that is why we had social order and etiquette, so you were kept at the backroom, I guess not anymore.