Monthly Archives: March 2016

America, Choose Wisely

It is time to put down the pettiness or self absorbed ways of you personal preferences, to cast down the notion that you were right, left, conservative, democratic, skin color, tea party, or libertarian etc. It’s time to open your eyes, especially the haughty intellectuals.

Ask, what is the state of the country? Do you love this once great nation and once brave, free and prosperous people? What happened? Who sold you out? And you are letting it?

It is not the party that makes a country great, it is the leader, the hero that makes the history. In Russia, they have the wisdom to choose and recognize Putin. Putin was able to revive Russia, rally the country and preserve the country, otherwise it were already on the way to the current state of Ukraine.

You can laugh at ignorant loud crass Americans, call them red necks or hillbillies or other such names. But overall, Americans as a whole are great and civilized people.  If you have traveled the world, you would recognize that compare to the rest of the world, you are very nice and sophisticated people. So don’t sell yourself short.

It is time to wake up, to ask yourself:  Is my country doing well? Is it only Obama? How about Bush, Clinton, and a few before them?  Musical chair hadn’t worked for a long time!

You have to choose a candidate, not restricted to your allegiance to a party or ideology. Even this person is outrageous, not a prissy Mr Perfect, not as humble (President Carter is a respectable and humble man, but not a great President, I think). Remember you have chosen some silver tongued Mr Smooth before, and it hasn’t worked out, has it?

You are choosing a leader, not a friend, colleague or a husband, you can’t say he is not as nice as what I perceived as nice, he is not as … the list can go on and on. Take yourself out of the picture, ask the key points: Is this person clear headed? Perform well under pressure (lionhearted)? Is this person a warmonger (dangerous!)? Is this person keen on creating job? Is this person controlled by moneyed interests? Is he fanatic or practical?

It is such a critical time, if you pivot, you have only hope for now and maybe huge gains as time goes. If you keep going, the same old leads to ruin.  Stand up! wake up! shrug off the chains! Choose with fresh eyes. Who truly loves my country and the people? Do I have the heart and wisdom to recognize?

You are an amazingly innovative, hardworking, decent and great people, you can’t let yourself go and let your country go. Make a stand and make a good choice.