81. Six-Year High School Lets Students Earn a College Degree and a Job at IBM




I think it is revolutionary. The most important thing is the guarantee of a job at the end of the high school. I don’t know what will motivate the have-nots more. It is a spring board to get out of poverty, to have a chance in life for oneself and the progeny.

If I can borrow from Orson Scott Card’s book “Children of the Mind”, the notion of “edge nation” versus “center nation“, US is acting like a center nation regarding education, they think it is important to the country and its future, thus education has been a hot issue for years and for many. In the shadow of US, Canada is as complacent as ever, it is like “What? What is going on? Education?  What about it? Where are my pants? Let me put them on first.”  Most likely we will adopt something US has experimented and failed a few years later, the sadness of lacking vision and aspiration.


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